“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do”

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Lars Lundström, Chief Sustainability Officer at H2 Green Steel

H2 Green Steel’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our environmental, economic and social goals and policies, spanning everything from our business model and supply chains to everyday operations and our impact on local communities.  Our sustainability framework is designed to ensure minimized impacts on the environment, including carbon reduction, waste minimization, pollution prevention, and an efficient use of resources.“The biggest part is, of course, the climate. But we want to have a broad definition of sustainability, that trickles down from cutting carbon footprint to the local environment at our sites, and the social environment in these communities,” says Lars Lundström, Chief Sustainability Officer at H2 Green Steel. Social sustainability covers a wide range of topics and issues, such as quality of life including housing, outdoor activities and culture, the interactions and relationships between H2 Green Steel and its employees, and the communities in which we are present. H2 Green Steel is focused on generating a positive influence in the Boden-Luleå region by contributing to and accelerating its social and economic development – all in a circular, integrated, and equal way.“This community is already rich in social capital, innovation, entrepreneurship, civic society organizations, sports, culture and entertainment, and we want to be a part of accelerating social development in the region,” Lars says. He also highlights the importance of economic sustainability, which is manifested in H2 Green Steel’s business model by close cooperation with customers and suppliers throughout the value chain. “Our positive impact from a sustainability perspective is dependent on our ability to sell, produce and distribute steel to our customers. Because if we're not profitable, we're not adding any sustainable value.”

What is sustainability to H2 Green Steel?

“Sustainability has been a part of H2 Green Steel’s DNA since the start, it is the thread woven throughout all processes and decisions in our organization. Our business idea is green reindustrialization, and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from recruitment and how we build our teams, to designing our production technology and ensuring efficiency, traceability, and measurability in all our processes. I see CO2 as our second currency, in addition to money, and all our transactions should be measured in both,” Lars says.In addition to accounting for a large amount of global carbon dioxide, steel has a direct impact on other industries’ ability to become sustainable. Therefore, decarbonizing the steel industry is a key step in the fight against climate change.“H2 Green Steel is carrying the torch of an industry that needs to change, showing that decarbonization of heavy industry is possible. We can, together with our peers and other industry disrupters, make a huge mark and actually help save the planet. My vision is that H2 Green Steel will have avoided hundreds of millions ton CO2 by 2040,” he concludes.
Julia Ström