Our expert in DRI – Shiva Kumar

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Shima Kumar
As an expert in direct reduced iron, or DRI*, Shiva Kumar, has a pivotal role at H2 Green Steel, overseeing the engineering, construction, and commissioning of DRI. Shiva brings a wealth of experience to the position, with a background as a mechanical engineer with DRI as his core expertise for 15 years.
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Shiva Kumar now enjoys Sweden
While working in business development at IDOM, an engineering and architecture consulting company in Spain, Shiva encountered H2 Green Steel and our mission to decrease emissions in hard-to-abate industries. Shiva was attracted to the company thanks to the innovative technology and the opportunity to utilize his expertise in the field. With extensive experience in the steel industry, Shiva eagerly joined the team to be a part of the green transition.Shiva and his wife who are both from India spent the last seven years in Bilbao in northern Spain before moving to Sweden. In parallel, his daughter relocated to the UK for her Master's studies at the University of Bristol. While they were familiar with European culture, it did take some time for them to adjust to the Swedish weather and particularly the winter months. However, they took it in their stride and have since come to enjoy their new home.Shiva appreciates the traditional office environment and makes a point of physically attending work every day while others in the team balance attendance with remote work. For him, meeting people in person provides an energy boost of and helps keep him motivated!

*DRI stands for direct reduced iron. Our DR reactor refines iron ore into DRI by exposing it to hydrogen, which reacts with the oxygen in the ore to produce steam as a residual product. By using green hydrogen produced through electrolysis instead of coal, which is typically used in integrated steel plants, we can reduce CO2 emissions from the reduction process by up to 95 percent.

 Most of the DRI is transported in a hot state within the plant to the electric arc furnace, while the rest is transformed into hot briquetted iron or HBI for storage and later use.

Input: Green hydrogen, iron ore

Output: Hot DRI, HBI, slag, water (H2O).