H2 Green Steel shapes company culture through outdoor excursions in nature

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Nature Quest walk

Ever experienced taking a silent nature walk, enjoying the serenity and richness of the surrounding flora? H2 Green Steel is convinced that these walks contribute to individual insights and help forge bonds between colleagues that benefit the company culture.

Since fall 2021, new employees are invited to join the company’s Nature Quests in groups of 20. Each group travels to a different location in Sweden to spend three days on personal reflection, group activities and discuss their reasoning for taking on the challenge of producing green steel. Getting more deeply connected to the company’s purpose and values is also an aim for the Quests. Needless to say, participants are all asked to part with a most valued possession, the mobile phone.“The objective is to find ourselves as people,” explains Peter Roberts, Director of Sustainability & Strategy. “It’s an intense experience that allows you to move beyond the superficial. The group becomes my tribe; we have a shared experience.”
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Henrik Henriksson

Destination unknown

CEO Henrik Henriksson initiated Nature Quest at newly founded H2 Green Steel as an exercise aimed at aligning company values with those of its employees. Henrik has been part of each nature quest so far, taking the role of a sherpa and sharing his journey in an open and engaging way. Nature Quests have, so far, been held in the Luleå archipelago, on the island of Gotland, in the Stockholm archipelago and in southern Skåne County. Participants are unaware of where the Nature Quest will be held but provided with a list of things to pack.“We’re not asking them to bring heavy-duty outdoor clothing. A pair of sturdy sneakers will do, and a rain jacket will come in handy,” says Lotta Hammarström, Senior People Business Partner, who has helped organize the latest three Nature Quests.The company’s core values are: We, not me – together, Head held high – eye level, Customer first and flow. In her past career, Lotta has experienced similar employee gatherings held within the confines of drab conference venues to define and discuss company values. “Being in nature is something else. We help create bonds between individuals in a completely different way.”
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Luisa Orre, Peter Roberts, Lotta Hammarström, Kelsey Emms, Karl Segergren, Fredrik Henriksson

Fosters understanding and interaction

Each event starts with a silent walk, a time for reflection. “Later, you grab a colleague and find an opportunity to talk,” says Peter who joined the Gotland Nature Quest. “What makes you the kind of person you are and then you listen intently to someone else. Not to generalize but it helps you understand the psyche of people. Thereafter, you know that person better, also in business interactions in the office.”British-born Peter trained as aerospace engineer, worked in the energy industry in several countries, gained an MBA at INSEAD in France, worked as a management consultant in Australia and moved to Finland before joining H2 Green Steel. “I’m completely focused on the company’s vision and want to make a difference during the rest of my career. In terms of reduced CO2 per working hour there is no better place than H2 Green Steel,” he says.Peter especially highlights the importance of Nature Quest in forming the company culture. “The company is set for massive growth and must set its culture early on. That’s so hard to change later. We early employees need to be aligned with the company and ourselves to develop our common culture.”