A few questions for our colleague Gotzon Gomez

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We asked our colleague Gotzon Gomez a few questions about his background and why he joined H2 Green Steel. Gotzon is Head of H2 Green Steel’s project in the Iberian Peninsula, where we are building a 1,000 MW plant for green hydrogen production together with the largest electricity producer in Spain, Iberdrola. Gotzon’s role is to be the liaison with Iberdrola and to lead the project.

Gotzon has an MBA in Industrial Engineering and has spent his professional life in the automotive industry.
“For over 25 years I worked at the largest Spanish premium bus and coach manufacturer called IRIZAR. Throughout my time at IRIZAR I had many different roles, I was the CEO in Brazil for 11 years, I was also a member of the executive board for more that 20 years and president for two years.”
One of the reasons that he joined H2 Green Steel was because his close connection to our CEO Henrik Henriksson, Gotzon continues:
“My previous company had a very close partnership with the bus and truck maker Scania where I met Henrik Henriksson in South Africa over 20 years ago, and he has been key to becoming part of this fantastic project which is H2 Green Steel.”
In November 2021 Gotzon signed the contract and in January 2022 he officially joined the company.
“I was surprised when Henrik left Scania to join H2 Green Steel. I wished him the best and when he explained the reasons and the project, it was very clear for me that I wanted to be part of it.”
Gotzon’s favorite memory so far has been when he visited Sweden to sign the contract as well as the team activity in nature for new employees where the values and the culture of the company is in focus. Gotzon quest in nature was in Gotland, an island on the east coast of Sweden.
“The offsite activity in Gotland was unforgettable, but meeting part of the team when I came to sign the contract was also very memorable. For me it’s so much about the people we meet along the way.”
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